Publications and WIPs

Not much here, but hopefully we'll see more soon!

Magazine publications:

Self Published:
  • Forgotten Arch -- This story was submitted as part of the short story competition, November 2011. I have since retired it from circulation as it has been incorporated into "Stone of Unity"
Works in Progress (Titles are tentative)
  • "The Stone of Unity" -- YA High fantasy story about a band of people brought together to face a menacing evil that threatens to destroy everyone.
    • 61000 / 57000 words. 100% done!
  • "Hate Jacket" -- Upper YA Contemporary about Life, Love, Pain and one bad-ass jacket
    • 61100 / 60000 words. 100% done!


  1. Hey Andrew! Nice site here! I just happened to find my way over from Twitter and now I'm following you here as well. You're welcome to come check out my site also - I was just noticing that "The Stone of Unity" sounds really interesting, something that I may read - any pub date yet? Write on!

    1. The first draft of Stone of Unity is complete. However, I have decided to scrap it and rewrite it from the ground up. This isn't to say that SoU was bad, it just wasn't working the way I wanted it to. One of my side characters ended up being a better main character and my main characters ended up being better side characters. Also, lots of plot changes, etc.

      I'm also thinking of changing the title, but I'm still fiddling. I won't remove Stone of Unity from here because it is technically a finished draft.

      It happens. I'm actually excited about the rewrite. The 1st draft has some cool stuff in it that I plan on incorporating into the 2nd draft.

  2. I wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award b/c of the inspiration that you are to many writers and bloggers alike. :)

    1. Aw! Thank you. :D I'll post it when I get the chance and let you know. :D