Monday, January 7, 2013

100+ Odd or Random Facts About Me

I've been thinking about this post for a while. I was originally going to do it for my 100th blog post, but this happened instead. So, here are some random facts for you. I'm planning on at least 100. Not because I'm necessarily that interesting, but rather just because. And you all might find it humorous in some cases.

  1. I was born in a pink Army hospital in California.
  2. The base where the hospital was located has been since decommissioned.
  3. I spent 3+ years living in Germany.
  4. We left Germany shortly before my 4th birthday.
  5. Two of my earliest memories involve our cat, кошка (Pronounced "Kushka". Means "Cat" in Russian).
  6. Another memory of Germany involves playing in a pile of tar that was to be used for the roof of the apartment complex where we lived.
  7. My brother and I got into a LOT of trouble for that stunt.
  8. None of my memories of Germany have any chronological order (I was too young).
  9. Because I was so young, I was never truly bilingual like my older brother. I mixed German and English words though.
  10. I have only beat my older brother in a fight once. I cheated. I bit him on the arm and drew blood.
  11. I got into a LOT of trouble for biting him.
  12. My sister was born in the front seat of the family car (a blue Datsun station wagon) at a rest-stop on the Autobahn. My brother and I slept through the whole thing.
  13. I had my first crush in 1st grade. She was the daughter of one of my mom's friends.
  14. That crush lasted until 7th or 8th grade. We never got together.
  15. I kissed my first girl in 3rd grade summer school. Her name was Sunny.
  16. Another kid, a boy, saw us and teased us for it. This did not stop us from sneaking off to kiss on multiple occasions.
  17. Due to divorce and remarriage, I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters.
  18. I consider each of them my siblings even though two of them are related only by marriage and two of them only share a father.
  19. I remember every book I've read.
  20. I have only read two books more than once. They are L. Ron Hubbard's Battlefield Earth and Allan Dean Foster's Season of the Spellsinger.
  21. I don't always remember the intricate details of each book, but I remember enough that it only takes a chapter or two to remember everything.
  22. I get sad/depressed when I finish a series of books and have to say goodbye to the world/characters.
  23. I will often imagine events beyond the context of the book/series/TV Show/Movie/etc. A lot of times it is a continuation of some sort.
  24. I started, but didn't finish, my first novel in high school. It's title was "Runner" and was about couriers in a post-apocalyptic future world.
  25. Runner was set in the same world as my NaNoWriMo novel, Troubleshooter.
  26. I plan on finishing Runner at some point.
  27. All of my toys and stuffed animals that I had as a child had names and lived in the same "world". Details of that world are in this post.
  28. I still have all of my stuffed animals and most of my favorite toys from my childhood in tubs and boxes in the attic.
  29. One of my toys is an old R/C R2D2 that was purchased around the time of the original movies.
  30. R2D2 sits on a shelf in my office at home.
  31. I cried at the end of Toy Story 3.
  32. I went to a Catholic elementary school
  33. I was almost expelled for telling the principal (a nun) that what she was saying was "a lie".
  34. It wasn't that she was lying, but the information she had was a lie.
  35. I was bullied a lot in that school and was mad because, once again, I was painted as the bad guy by the other students (even though I wasn't).
  36. I've run into the principal as an adult. I still don't like her.
  37. My wife's first impression of me was "My God, he's a drug dealer."
  38. I wasn't. It was high school and I was angry and rebellious.
  39. I had long hair and an earring that hung to my shoulder and I wore torn jeans and a jean jacket. I also wore an old Army Greatcoat, but I never dealt drugs.
  40. I was offered a job selling once while walking through a store parking lot.
  41. I politely declined.
  42. I've had a gun pointed at me...twice.
  43. The first time a friend was being stupid and pointed a gun at me after a bunch of us went shooting on another friend's property.
  44. It took us threatening to shoot him before he lowered his gun.
  45. I don't know if I would have pulled the trigger or not. I'm glad I didn't have to find out.
  46. The second time was a cop, but he was actually focused on the car behind me and didn't realize I was there.
  47. I got a call once just before I started the 10th grade where the caller threatened to stab me back when school started.
  48. I carried a knife in my backpack for the first couple weeks of school.
  49. I was never attacked.
  50. I never told my parents or even considered telling someone with any authority.
  51. I received my Bachelor's degree in Music Theory.
  52. I've spent over 20 years as a librarian, computer programmer, and now writer.
  53. I learned to program databases to keep track of my comic book collection.
  54. I've taught myself just about every programming language I know.
  55. I have close to 7000 comic books, most of which are cataloged and bagged.
  56. I have every eclectic tastes in music, books, and movies.
  57. I listen to just about everything except rap and country and even then there are exceptions.
  58. I read EVERYTHING. If it's a good story, I'll read it. 
  59. I've read classics, horror, scifi, contemporary, romance, name it. I'll read it.
  60. I don't list favorite books, I list favorite authors.
  61. My current favorite authors change as I find new authors/series to read.
  62. Yes, I've read the Twilight series.
  63. I like to watch bad horror movies with my sister and her husband.
  64. I like Japanese Anime.
  65. I play games on my PC that I built myself.
  66. I had a database business around Y2K. I wrote custom databases for small businesses. I made a little money and the databases I wrote were used for a long time.
  67. I probably undercharged for my services.
  68. I thought I was stupid until I was in my mid-30s.
  69. I found out, then, I had a superior level IQ as well as a chronic form of depression called Dysthymia.
  70. I still don't think a high IQ makes you better than other people. It just means you learn things faster.
  71. I have learned that I like being goofy and silly and still be a responsible person.
  72. My humor is weird, dry, and somewhat inappropriate.
  73. None of my writing is funny (except maybe stuff on this blog).
  74. I've always wanted to write a story from a purely evil person's perspective. I think it would be interesting.
  75. I don't have any story ideas with a truly evil main character...yet.
  76. I have a word document that has about 15 story ideas listed on it.
  77. I am writing my second novel.
  78. My first novel was a fantasy story. I decided to dump all of it and rewrite it from another perspective.
  79. My current novel is a Young Adult contemporary with romance elements, which is completely different than my usual genres of Scifi/Horror/Fantasy/Paranormal.
  80. I'm really excited about this story. It also scares the hell out of me.
  81. I'm tapping into a lot of trauma and pain from my childhood to write this story.
  82. This story is not my story. It is my main character's story.
  83. Pain and heartache are universal, the stories around them are different.
  84. One of these days, I will be published.
  85. I am not a tall person (just under 5 foot, 8 inches tall).
  86. I have been told that I am about as intimidating as a perturbed squirrel.
  87. I used to be terrified of spiders
  88. In order to get over my fear, I researched and bought a tarantula.
  89. It's name was Fenris and I had him for several years before it died.
  90. I never picked it up, but I did hold a tarantula in my hand years later.
  91. I am terrified of heights.
  92. I have 3 cats and 2 dogs.
  93. One of my cats, Lily, I rescued from the side of a busy highway during rush hour. Details in this post.
  94. I don't sleep much. If I didn't need to sleep, I probably wouldn't. This is probably because of the horrible nightmares I had as a kid.
  95. I know now that the nightmares I had were a result of my brain trying to process the immense amount of emotion that I was cramming into a small box in my head.
  96. I wouldn't recommend repressing all of your feelings. It isn't healthy. Trust me. I know.
  97. I have read Einstein's Theory of Relativity. Most of the math was above me, but I did understand some of it.
  98. I fell asleep reading Dante's Inferno.
  99. Upton Sinclair's The Jungle is the only book I have thrown across a room. I hated it that much.
  100. The essay I wrote for it was titled "Animals Animals Everywhere". The teacher was not amused by my title.
  101. I didn't get a good grade on the essay. I didn't care. I hated the book.
  102. I wouldn't recommend writing pithy essays on stories you don't like. Your teacher will not find your humor ironic nor funny.
  103. Do NOT write lines like "He should have jumped off a bridge with rocks in his pockets" to show your disdain for a classic author's main character.
  104. I love cheering on my friends in their various endeavors.
  105. No matter who you are or what you promise me, I will not wear a cheerleading skirt.
  106. I will wave imaginary pompoms made up of various bizarre substances including, but not limited too, zombies, dinosaurs, cookies, and chocolate...sometimes all of the above.
  107. An ex-girlfriend named her first child after me. It was not mine. I ran into her at a grocery store. She was "Hey Andrew, this is my kid...Andrew..."
Hope you all enjoyed this little trip of weird. I realized I could have kept going, but decided to cut myself off before I ended up with several hundred bits of info.

'Till Next Time.


  1. I actually laughed out loud at the 'intimidating as a perturbed squirrel'. My son would be terrified of you. He hates those things :)

    1. It was Andy Buck who said it. We were all goofing off at Bear's house. Andy was taking pictures and had us all make mean faces. I did. He fell over laughing. :D

  2. you know, I had something witty to say about one of your facts, but once I got to the end I couldn't remember which fact/what the wittiness was.


    Good reading, by the way. I'm glad you will never wear a cheerleading skirt. The world thanks you.

    1. LOL. Are you saying I wouldn't rock the skirt? Or is the hairy legs? ;-p

      If it was witty, it was probably the perturbed squirrel. :D

  3. I'm glad you didn't get shot, Andrew. We need more male cheerleaders in the world...even if they won't put on a shirt. ;) And you have me intrigued. In short, Get that book out!

    1. The story is good, I think. I'm getting lots of positive feedback.

      And yes, I was glad I wasn't shot both times. The second was scarier in a way because we were surrounded by 10+ cops on the highway.

  4. Skirt! My friggin' fingers keep slipping on the keyboard.

    1. :-p I wonder what Freud would say about that one. ;-)

    2. Yeah, I almost followed that up with an additional comment, but figured you'd be on top of it. Glad I'm not the only one with a dirty mind.

    3. LOL. :D I wouldn't be me otherwise! ;-)

  5. Wow! All kinds of craziness. :) Love it. I'm off to buy you a skirt...

  6. Love the list.

    Also, noticed the IWL link. I did it and it said I write like Chuck Palahniuk. :D

    1. Thanks!

      I noticed that my writing style, according to that program, changes depending on the story I'm writing. IWL Anne Rice with my fantasy stories.

  7. interesting, diverse facts. Very impressed you managed to think of 107. Are you SURE you won't wear a cheerleader skirt?

    1. I was actually mad that I forgot 107 until after I posted.

      The closest I would get would be a kilt I think. :D

  8. It's ok, Andrew, I can "MSPaint" you in anything! I haz 1337 Ninja Paint Skilz. :)

    I loved reading this. I love learning about my friends! And I realize you and I, well....we should really live closer! We'd be great buds!! #72 said it all! :)

    Somethings we'd disagree on, but daggum it...we're big kids and know how to discuss....not argue :) Just ask Leigh_Caroline! hehe

    1. LOL. Definitely. Wish you guys lived closer too. :D

  9. what an exhaustive list. i laughed, i cried, it became a part of me. i have trouble thinking of ten interesting facts whenever i get those awards and things passed on to me. you're just fantastic.

    1. Thanks! :D I wasn't sure I could pull it off but once I started, all of the things just built off of each other. It was kind of fun actually.

  10. 107? Really? Had to be weird. I enjoyed reading this!

    1. I know! I actually merged several or it would have been 125! :D And yes, I had to be weird.

  11. I'm catching up on reading and just now saw this! What a great list, Andrew, and thanks so much for sharing! I love that none of it is the typical type of information you expect to hear in the 'get to know you' type of speeches people love to give. You were open and funny; thank you!

    1. Thanks! :D I didn't want it to be boring and I'm a pretty open person. I also wanted to give things that people might find interesting. :D