Friday, January 18, 2013

Liebster Award

So, once again, the evil pixies C. L. Raven, have tagged me with yet another dubious award. It's the Leibster award. It is evil, but because I like the pixies (they did kill me off in a very gruesome manner in one of their books), I will deign to answer their questions. :D

Don't let their cute deceive you. They are evil. ;-)

When you receive the award, you post 11 random facts about yourself and answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you. I'm also supposed to nominate 11 other people, but I'm being recalcitrant (my favorite word!) and am refusing.

If you want to know random facts about me, I have 107 over on this post.

1. What is your superhero name, power and costume? The Librarian. I can draw into the world anything from any book. Costume would be an old style outfit, but I haven't got much beyond the coat and wide-brimmed hat.

2. Who would you go gay with to save the world? Nathan Fillion. He is ruggedly handsome.

3. Who would play you in a film of your life? Nathan Fillion. He is ruggedly handsome. ;-) Honestly, I don't know. Seth Greene maybe?

4. Name 5 albums on your death row disc list. Phantom of the Opera, Beethoven's 9th, Brahms' Ein Deutches Requiem, Mozart's Requiem, Metallica compilation

5. What’s your karaoke song? White and Nerdy by Weird Al Yankovick. It's my theme song.

6. If you had to have a hilarious, cartoon-style death, what would it be? Ooo...good one. I know the pixies killed me off with my heart being ripped out of my chest to feed an evil witch. Not sure how cartoonish that is, but I thought it was awesome. Other than that, I'd say falling piano.

7. What book/film/song do you wish you’d written? Hrmm...good question. I don't think I've ever thought about that. Seriously, I haven't. I mean, I love books, movies, and music, but I've never wished I'd done someone else's. I've always wished I'd written more of my own stuff.

8. If you could be made into a wax work couple, who would your other half be? Wax museums are creepy. I'm not sure I'd want to be a wax couple. *shudder*

9. What would be your Kryptonite? Twizzlers. I'm addicted. I will eat them all if I could.

10. If you ruled the world, what is the first law you’d make? I would outlaw all reality TV series...except for Dirty Jobs and Mythbusters as they are awesome and funny and don't pretend to be non-rehearsed.

11. And who would be the first person you’d execute? Justin entire cast of Jersey I have to pick just one?! Damn...not sure I could do that.

Now, to end with a random image. If you don't think this is adorable, you are the spawn of Jersey Shore and Justin Bieber and an abomination in the eyes of God.


'Till Next Time


  1. awesome answers! And yes, you can kill anyone once in power. It's one of the perks :D Love the cute image. Ooh, just seen the 'where are you stalking from' thingy and Cardiff's circling the globe :D

    1. And this is why I like you guys. ;-)

      Yes, the spinning globe thingy is really awesome. :D

  2. ah ah ha! great answers and the best questions i've seen in a long time. nathan fillion was indeed the correct answer. good job, there. (he is the answer to most questions.)

  3. Ack! The cuteness is blinding. :) I like your superhero... we may have to make that a real thing.

    1. I agree. It's been an idea of mine for some time. I have a story idea that involves him too. And yes, the cuteness is blinding. ;-)