Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Cover Reveal: Again by Lisa Burstein

We are so excited to share the cover for Again, by Lisa Burstein! We also have an excerpt from chapter one. Be sure to let us know what you think!
Title: AGAIN
Author: Lisa Burstein
Age Group: NA/Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 22, 2014

How far would you go for a second chance?

Eleven years after flunking out of college, Kate has finally hit rock-bottom. Losing her job and boyfriend in one drunken night, she’s determined to fix her life by going back to the moment when she let partying and sex take over and do things right. At twenty-nine, she heads back to freshman year of college, with a catch.

Pretending she's nineteen with a new roommate and full class schedule is easy. When she meets her shy, sexy and seven-years-younger RA Carter, following her self-imposed sobriety and celibacy rules is proving to be anything but.

A senior enduring years of regret, Carter is more than ready to graduate. He’s anxious to move on from the party his freshman year where he witnessed his frat brothers about to commit a sexual assault. Instead of doing the right thing and stepping in, he looked the other way and left. His guilt has made for a lonely four years.

When he meets the new freshman on his floor, spunky and confident Kate, he wonders if his time as an outcast has finally come to an end.

Kate and Carter’s growing friendship and undeniable attraction make it harder to hide the demons from their respective pasts. But when their secrets are finally revealed, will their chance at starting over together still be there?

Chapter One
College-take-two started with me hiding in the dorm lobby men’s bathroom. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice the urinals until after I ran inside.

I stood with my back tight against the wall gasping air like it was Riesling and I was at an all you can drink happy hour.

How the hell did I think I’d ever pull this off? Pretend to be a nineteen-year-old freshman at twenty-nine-years old?

Going back to college might not have been one of my best ideas—but it was the only one that might finally change my life. I wanted to change my life. I needed to. It was just hard to convince myself of that once I was actually on campus with tons of real freshman all around me.

I guess it’s a lot easier to fantasize about living your life over again than to actually go through with it.

“Are you lost?”

I turned and found a built, blonde-haired hottie washing his hands. He dried them quickly, crossed his arms over his broad chest and leaned against the sink.

That was the moment I realized I was in the men’s bathroom. The moment my breathing went from gulping Riesling at an all you can drink happy hour to puking it up into the disgusting toilet at the back of the bar when drinks went back to full price.

My knees went wobbly. My mouth was dry; my head seemingly floating on top of my neck. I couldn’t tell if I was suddenly unbalanced because of how handsome he was, or the realization I clearly was lost.

Minus a penis lost.

“Shit,” I reached for the door handle with sweaty palms. At least I was making the kind of a stupid mistake a real freshman would.

My wide, wild eyes probably made me look as confused by my surroundings as any other student arriving, but honestly I was terrified and not because I’d almost caught this guy with his pants down, because this whole idea was insane.

“It’s okay,” he said, walking toward me, waving his large hands to calm me. “This is definitely not the worst thing I’ve seen someone do the first day back.” He smiled showing teeth that reminded me of toothpaste commercials. It brought out the sweetest dimple the size of an M&M on his chin.

Fuck me. I smiled back.

He paused; eyeing me up and down, perhaps noticing the tight body I was showing off in a desperate attempt to appear nineteen.

“What makes you an expert?” I asked hoping to change his focus, Maybe he wasn’t regarding me for the reason I thought; tight body or no, I was not nineteen. I was twenty-nine. Why the hell would anyone believe any different?

He pointed to his red polo shirt.

Turns out he was doing his job.

The area above his right pectoral muscle read Resident Advisor, Hudson University. There was something I couldn’t identify in his sea-glass blue eyes; almost like he was holding back, putting up a good front.

I knew his look well. It was one I’d mastered. When it got too hard to wear my own everything-is-fine-mask I doused it in alcohol and sex and bad choices, but that wasn’t a solution anymore.

And clearly, everything wasn’t fine.

“I need to get out of here,” I grasped for the door latch again, trying to put out the fire blazing in my neck and face.

He reached from behind me and also went for the door. His hand brushed against mine blistering enough to brand my skin.

My pulse popped like the last minute of popcorn in a microwave. I needed to get away from him. I would have usually chastised myself for even glancing in his direction. Not that I had much choice considering I’d been the one who put us in such close and uncomfortable quarters.

Twenty-nine-year-olds didn’t spontaneously combust from a college kid’s accidental touch. But damn, this guy was fine. My RA back in college-take-one was nothing like this. If he had been I might have made it past the first semester.

I might have passed my actual college-take-one classes.

Of course, I also might have spent it studying what was under his khakis.

“Let me help you,” he said, pushing on the latch as I continued to pull. His voice was a deep vibrato, as deep as his blue eyes seemed.

“I can open a door,” I said, pulling as hard as I could. Nothing happened. Apparently I couldn’t.

He lifted his arms I-surrender-style and stood back stifling a laugh. “It’s a push.”

“I knew that,” I looked down as I finally pushed the door open and we exited the bathroom. Not because I was embarrassed, though who was I kidding?

I kept my eyes away from his. I didn’t want to show him my face. Have him laugh and say, what the hell are you doing here old lady? Or even worse, are you here helping your daughter or son move in?
It was one thing to be told you had a baby-face your entire life. It was another to put it to the test next to actual babies!

That was why I’d run into the bathroom. Too bad my early-onset cataracts had obscured the mammoth M and stick figure dude.

We stood in front of the door, the dorm lobby brimming with students and their parents. I should have just walked away, but I liked the way he was checking me out, his gaze sliding from my just purchased Uggs to my just purchased white winter hat with cat-ears smashed over my recently highlighted blonde hair. I had been doing my best to look student-like.

But I was pretty sure I looked like Hannah Montana.

It had been easy to Photoshop my high school transcript so it seemed like I graduated a year ago. Simple to change my one semester of F’s to A’s, to take the SATs again, to get a fake ID, to dress like any other nineteen-year-old. It took an hour to sublet my rent-controlled New York City apartment.
Being here and acting like a college freshman would clearly be a lot harder.

About Lisa Burstein

Lisa Burstein is the author of the Young Adult Novels: Pretty Amy and Dear Cassie, and the New Adult Novels & Novellas: Sneaking Candy, The Next Forever & The Possibility of Us. She is also a contributor to the essay collection, Break These Rules: 35 Young Adult Authors On Speaking Up, Standing Out, and Being Yourself. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her very patient husband, a neurotic dog and two cats. Again is her self-publishing debut.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Success and Failure in Life

Everything I needed to know about success I learned from the Tortoise and the Hare.

Ok. Not that one.

This one.

It's a classic story and one that has been told to children ever since Aesop "wrote" it centuries ago. Everyone uses it to teach kids that speed doesn't necessarily win the race, that slow and steady wins.

Recently, I started looking at this simple fable and little differently. It's not about speed or steadiness. It's about not giving up. It's about not taking what you have for granted. It's about what one person can do if they put their mind to it. Slow or fast, you will get to the end if you just keep trying and putting one foot in front of the other. Just like the tortoise.

Anyway this all started from a series of tweets back in June.

There were other tweets that day where I waxed philosophically about writing and success and failure, but these three tweets are what it comes down to. If you try to attain your goals, you are succeeding whether you reach them or not. Goals are just the pie in the sky "I want to get there" kind of thing. One of my goals is to be a better person. I will never reach this goal. Not that I can't be a good person, only that I am always striving to be a better person.

At the last Academy Awards, Matthew McConaughey gave an acceptance speech that some people hated and others loved. Whatever your feelings about it, I remember one part of it where he said:
So you see every day, every week, every month and every year of my life, my hero’s always 10 years away. I’m never gonna be my hero. I’m not gonna attain that. I know I’m not, and that’s just fine with me because that keeps me with somebody to keep on chasing.

A lot of people thought he was being self-centered. He wasn't. His goal was to always be a better person tomorrow than he was today. I have that same goal in all aspects of my life. It gives me something to focus on. To dream about. To want. To be that person in 10 years that is better than the person I am today. The moment I stop trying is the moment I fail. It's the moment I die.

If I keep striving, I will always succeed. This is why I don't view not reaching an arbitrary goal during the month a failure. Those are just sign-posts on the way to getting better. So whether it's #writemotivation, NaNoWriMo, weight loss, Grad School, or some other goal I've set for myself. I succeed because I made the effort.

These are my #writemotivation goals for the month. I don't have writing on here because I'm writing something under my penname.
  1. Beta reading two revised novels
  2. Cheer on my #writemotivation peeps!
  3. Try to get some real blogging in
  4. Do gradschool homework.

'Till Next Time

Friday, June 20, 2014

COVER REVEAL: WILD by Sophie Jordan

Today, again, I get to host the lovely and amazing Sophie Jordan. This time, a cover reveal for her newest book, WILD. WILD is the third and final book of her IVY CHRONICLES series. If you like hot and steamy NA, this is definitely the series for you.
Sophie Jordan is an international and New York Times bestselling author whose books include historical romances and the Firelight series. When she’s not writing, she spends her time overloading on caffeine (lattes preferred), talking plotlines with anyone who will listen (including her kids), and cramming her DVR with true-crime and reality-television shows. She lives in Houston.
Sophie can be found on Twitter and Facebook.






Image Map

A good girl goes bad in the third and final book in New York Times bestselling author Sophie Jordan’s sexy New Adult romance series—where three Ivy League suite-mates testing their boundaries as they seek higher knowledge of just how far they can go.

Months after her boyfriend dumped her, Georgia can still hear the insults he hurled at her. Boring. Predictable. Tame. Tired of feeling bad, she’s ready to change her image, and go a little wild. What better way to prove her ex wrong than a hot night of adventure at the secret campus kink club?

In the shadowy den of the club, she unexpectedly runs into Logan Mulvaney, her friend’s little brother. A player extraordinaire too hot for his own good, he may be younger, but the guy is light years ahead when it comes to the opposite sex. Now he’s telling her to go home-”good girls” don’t belong here!

Georgia is tired of having others define her. She’s going to teach Logan a lesson he won’t forget-one white hot, mind-wrecking kiss . . . that leads to another . . . and another . . . and. . . . Realizing she’s way in over her head, Georgia runs.

Only Logan won’t let her go. Everywhere she goes he’s there, making her want every inch of him. Making her forget who she is. Who he is. And just how wrong they are for each other.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Cover Reveal : DRAWN TO YOU by Angi Black

Today I get to host the cover reveal for my dear friend, Angi. Angi is awesome, support, and wonderful. And now she's going to be a published author!!! And because she's so freaking fantabulous, I agreed to not only be a part of her cover reveal, I also decided to be a part of her street team!! Because, you know, she's awesome and I want to promote her stuff (and get the inside scoop on all the awesome). <--note the ulterior motive.

Anyway, here's the wonderful Angie
Angi Black is a dancer, a singer, a pirate, a poet. One of those is a lie. She writes New Adult and Adult and owns her own editing business, Wise Owl Words. She also teaches dance and theater all while baking treats and greening up the world around her. She loves music and donuts. She's Team Damon and her muse is Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Gene Kelley. Whedonite. Coffee. Ambassador of Awesome. Bourbon. Beatles. Zeppelin. Mraz. Queen of useless trivial knowledge. Betty White is her spirit animal. Her patronus is a chorus of back-up dancers singing Don't Rain on my Parade. Angi blogs at The Writer Diaries, All The Write Notes, and Indie Ignites. She even has a fancy website.


And now for the cover....

which is amazing.....

and gorgeous.....

Shy Ellie Baylor goes away to college in an attempt to escape her overbearing and zealously religious parents. In between dodging their daily phone call and lugging her oversized art portfolio across campus, she manages to be happy, mostly by avoiding any kind of social interaction. Then she meets River Daniels, the hot guy she's secretly been ogling in her art classes.

River is understanding and sexy, and their connection quickly grows.  However, a lifetime of listening to her parents has left Ellie uncertain not only about herself, but her relationship with River. Their blatant disapproval of River and her choices leave Ellie with the hardest choice she's ever faced- her parents' approval or the love of her life. 

But can Ellie lose either and still learn to live?

DRAWN TO YOU comes out August 19th anywhere and everywhere ebooks are sold.

'Til next time