Sunday, July 24, 2011

Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing...

I'm not sure what I envision for this blog except to say "here it is...this is my brain."  Kind of bold, maybe a little vain, but I guess that's as good a start as any.

I decided to start this blog because "it was time" and I needed some other creative outlet that wasn't necessarily dependent upon someone else saying, "Ok. This is good."  I plan on talking about just anything that comes to mind.  Some of it will make sense, some of it will be just drivel...all of it will be me.  I've got a lot floating around in my head and it needs to go somewhere...I guess that is what is expected of someone who wants to become a writer (more on that later).

I'm writing the way I think.  It isn't always structured and it doesn't always make sense.  I think of it as more "Free form" thinking which some may call "Stream of consciousness".  Either way, if I think it, it gets written.  If the grammar is bad, it doesn't matter.  If the spelling is bad, well, I have spell check.  :D

Becoming a writer...well, I've always wanted to write.  Most of what I have done, up till now, has been poetry.  Some of it got published in my high school literary magazine.  Some of it got published through  Nothing came of it except to say, "I did it.  Here it is."  It helped alleviate the pressure of thought that pervades my skull most days.  Now my focus is on writing stories.

About 7 months ago, I submitted my first story to a publisher.  It was a children's book (weird I know!).  It was titled "Bobby and the Big Split" and was about a boy who came home to find out his parents were getting a divorce.  A heavy subject, but I thought it had merit and other seemed to think so too.  Unfortunately, I haven't found a publisher that will agree with me.  I don't take this as a rejection of my talent, but rather as a realization that I haven't found the right home for it.

Story number two came shortly after and was title "Sir Grumpsalot".  The story was about a knight who was so busy being grumpy that he didn't notice the beauty around him...until someone made him.  A writer friend said that it was "my voice".  This was surprising as I don't think of myself as a humorous writer (just look at all the angst ridden, depressive, and angry poetry I wrote as a teenager).  As with the first it has been submitted, but I haven't found a publisher that wants it.  As frustrating as it is, I know that it, like the first, hasn't found a good home.  Patience is a virtue and time is forever.  The fact that I wrote it is the important thing.  Getting published would be awesome, but all things come to pass in the way that we need it too.  This isn't so much an admission of the power of the divine, but rather acceptance of reality as I see it.

Story number three, titled "Goobasuarus Dex" is in the works (yet another kid's book).  Got draft one finished and am waiting on comments so I can write draft two and send it off to other people.  I'm not sure about this one as much as I was about the first two.  I like it, but something isn't right.  We'll see what happens.

I have a lot of story ideas and you'll probably see pieces of them on here.  You might see other things as well. It really depends on what is floating to the surface of my brain.

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