Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Coffee House Blues

Ok, not necessarily blues.  It is, after all, a coffee house.  That mecca of sublime heaven we call caffeine.  So here I sit, blogging, with a very yummy Dark Chocolate latte.  Can you say urbanite hippy punk?  I guess not.  I'm not wearing a black shirt, I don't have a goatee, and I'm not using a product by Apple, Inc.  Ok, so there probably isn't anything like an "urbanite hippy punk", but I thought it sounded good.  So there.

This not my usual routine on a Tuesday morning, but it is the first week of school and I have a kid to pick up in an hour.  Normally, I would be sitting in my office trying to do the work of two people and consuming as much caffeine as possible without melting my brain.  As it is, I'm here, drinking a Latte, wearing a blue shirt, and using an Android tablet.  I am blogging...offline...so much juxtaposition here.  Life is fun.

The coffee houses' WiFi is being buggy (won't give me an IP address), so this won't get posted until later, but such is life.  "To Err is human.  To real screw things up, takes a computer."  One of my favorite quotes.  Ironic because I am such a tech nerd.  I love computers, I just understand that they can really ruin your day when they don't work right.  Some people would say that is a constant with computers, but that isn't necessarily true.  If you think about how much of our life involves computers, you would realize that if they failed as often as people thought they would, we would be living in the dark ages.  It's all a matter of perspective.  People are more frightened of a computer crashing then they are of getting in a car wreck.   I'm sure there is some irony here somewhere.

More later.

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