Monday, November 7, 2011

Mister Sandman, Spin Me a Dream

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the dreaming mind can be an interesting place to get story ideas.  It is unfettered by any restriction.  There are no filters.  Luckily for me, I remember most of my dreams.  Sometimes they can be interesting and sometimes I rather not mention what happens...let's just say, I'll plead the Fifth on them and go onto the ones that don't contain incriminating or embarrassing information (I did dream that I was a girl once...that was weird).  Saturday night's dreams were ones that I could say fall under the jurisdiction of "interesting".  If I can disentangle the weirdness from the worthwhile, I might have two separate story possibilities.

The first dream had a lot weird stuff in it that I will have to discard because, quite frankly, it made absolutely no sense.  The interesting (i.e. usable) part involved a kid (teenager?) turning into a dragon in his kitchen.  Needless to say, people were running for their lives and the kitchen was trashed.  He was pretty mad when it happened, so that is probably the trigger.  He also didn't realize that he was going to turn into said dragon, so it was kind of a shock.  If I can get more details ironed out, it might be an interesting story.

I think I was actually writing in the second dream because it was from first person and I was hearing the internal dialogue.  That equals very cool in my book.  It started with the theft of something called "the Crown of Julius Caesar" from an auction/museum.  Not sure what it looked like or even what it really was.  I don't even think there was anything like that in existence.  Anyway, the thief apparently had some special powers or something because he was able to knock out the lights/security system and then escape essentially unseen (super speed?).  It almost seemed like mutant/comic book style abilities.  There was a scene where he was being interrogated by the police, but they didn't have anything on him.  They just suspected him for some reason.  In the dream, he was able to "disappear" from the interrogation room while the police were watching him.  Like the first one, I would need to disentangle it from the weird nonsense before I could even use it.  Definitely a back-burner idea.

Speaking of dreaming, I've started writing a little bit on my dream involving the "Stone of Unity" (mentioned in a previous post).  The scene I'm working on I'm actually considering submitting to a competition. is having a short story competition.  I'm not expecting to win anything, but I'm still planning on submitting something.  The story cannot be more than 600 words, so we're not talking anything super-long, just enough for a short scene.  I ended up with a account because I had posted a couple poems on the non-defunct website (which is now just a web-archive of its original content).  Anyway, at one point, had ownership of the site and, as a result I ended up with an account on  This can come in handy if I ever decide to self-publish.

In other news, I just enrolled in a creative writing class at the local junior college.  I think it will be a good experience and I'm expecting it to improve my writing.  So, starting in January, you can expect posts regarding what I am doing in class.  One of the requirements of the class is to keep a journal.  I'm thinking of asking if I can use my blog for that.  We'll see.

Till next time!

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