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ReAwakened by Ada Adams Blog Tour

Today, we are once again joined by the lovely and talented Ada Adams, author of the Angel Creek series. Her first two books, ReVamped and ReAwakened, are already out with a third in the works. If you haven't read either, you should. They are fun and have a lot of heart...er...blood, vampires, romance, and plenty of kick butt action.

This is all part of a huge blog tour. For all the dates, and locations, go here or click on the awesome banner at the top.

We were going to have a character interview. However, due to contractual obligations, and not to mention spoilers, Ada decided to subject herself to many questions of dubious quality. She did insist on me keeping said questions "appropriate". Both Razor, and myself, are seriously disappointed by that stipulation, but we'll live (we'll just whine about it some)

So, I bring you (drum roll please)

Ada Adams

Q: A lot of authors point to one book as being THE book that inspired them. What book inspired you to become a writer?

I honestly don't think that it was ever a specific book that did it for me. Instead, it was a lifelong love for reading and writing that inspired me to pursue my own storytelling. I began reading chapter books at age five and inhaled anything and everything that I could get my hands on. I have favorite books that inspired me during childhood ("Harry Potter" comes to mind as one of these), but I think that I have to credit my parents for cultivating my love for books at an early age.

Q: There are a lot of vampire stories out there. What sets yours apart from the others?

"Angel Creek" takes a bit of a different approach to vampires. I didn't want to write about perfect creatures as there are already so many great novels about dark, sexy vamps. I wanted my vampires to resemble humans and live alongside us in society. In a way, the series possesses some satirical aspects (in reflection of our society), but is mostly full of action and adventure.

Q: Why a place like Angel Creek and not some major metropolitan area like New York or Paris or something?

I've grown up in a large metropolitan area, so I find myself very drawn to small towns. Perhaps I’m idealizing them to an extent, but I feel that an unknown little place like Angel Creek can hold so many secrets! It’s much easier to mold an imaginary town into another one of my characters, whereas working with an already well-known metropolitan area brings about a completely different feel to the story.

Q: Can you tell us about your first concept of Dawn? What was she like? Was she as we see her now or different?

Dawn definitely grew as a character throughout the drafting stages. In fact, she continues to grow as the series progresses - just the way I like my characters to be! Her name used to be Gabrielle in the first draft, and she was a lot less compassionate and more snarky. Throughout the drafting stages, I've found a better balance between the two!

Q: Where's your favorite spot to write?

My favorite spot used to be my desktop in my makeshift basement office. I moved right before starting on "ReAwakened" and even though I have a way better office right now (an office in the sky!), I haven't felt fully "at home" in it yet. Therefore, all of "ReAwakened" was written on my laptop in various locations (something that I never used to do). My favorite place to write in the entire world is at the cottage, surrounded by nature and sometimes even floating on the lake. Unfortunately, I only get to do that about four months of the year!

Q: A lot of writers have specific routines, or rituals before they can write. What are your routines or rituals that you go through?

I can't write when music is playing! I do draw inspiration from music, but I need quiet when I write. I also like to have my puppies, Cara(milk) and Oreo around. When I’m feeling inspired, I can sometimes forget to eat for an entire day, but when I'm lacking inspiration I snack. A lot! On chocolate.

Q: Who's your favorite character to write in this series and why?

It honestly varies. Dawn, being the main character, is very important to me, but at the same time, her journey tends to be very serious. I love to write Razor’s character, because he’s such a crazy, free spirit...his lines are too much fun to craft! I also like Brooke and Seth's bickering, but I truly love them all! I enjoy watching the characters grow, develop, and mature as the series progresses.

Q: You're a super talented person. You're a writer, actress, black belt in Karate, and even edit your own magazine. Besides ballroom dancing, what is your Achilles Heel?

I can't sing! And I don't mean that in a cute I-only-sing-in-the-shower kind of way. No…I sound absolutely horrible! My own mother laughs at me uncontrollably when I sing (and she’s my biggest cheerleader, so you know that it must be really, really bad).

Q: We know Angel Creek is at least 3 novels. Any plans for a 4th...5th...10th...15th?

It greatly depends on the fans! I love writing the characters and their stories, so as long as there is demand, why not? However, I don't think that it would go past four novels (and some novellas)...I think that a series sometimes loses its "spark" when it goes on for too long.

Q: Any ideas about stories after Angel Creek is done? Any spin-offs? Maybe a side character *cough*Razor*cough* getting their own book? Or maybe something unrelated?

I have been getting a lot of requests for novellas (Razor ones too!), so that is definitely something that I plan to explore in the near future. I also have two other big projects planned for 2013 (one NA contemporary stand-alone novel and another YA/NA hybrid series, also contemporary), so it will be a busy year!

So there you have it. Ada in her words, not mine.

If you want to get a hold of Ada, here are some links.
Website: http://www.revampedbook.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ada_Adams
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/revampedbook
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5757476.Ada_Adams

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