Saturday, December 21, 2013

Oh Hey, I can sing

So Friday, I decided to feel the Christmas spirit and sing. Anyway, the response has been very positive. Apparently, I can still sing. Used to do it all the time from 5th grade through college. Guess I miss it.

Anyway, if you missed it or don't follow my Youtube channel, you can see it here. I'm signing it all a capella. The first one I was going by memory and the second I was actually reading music. Anyway hope you enjoy.

Also, if you are interested in me singing more songs, just leave me a comment, make a request, and have a wonderful holiday. It was fun doing this, so I might just do it more often.

'Till Next Time.


  1. Maybe we should get together on some of my parody carols. They're listed at and I'm in North Pole.

  2. I love Christmas music! Awesome, Andrew. :D

    There's always The Voice. ;-)

    Hmm, requests? Lady Gaga! Kidding. I wouldn't do that to you. ;-)

    Thanks for sharing!