Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dyad, a poem

I wrote this poem many years ago when I was in high school.  It has remained, largely untouched, since then.  I will admit that I have edited it for this post.  I was, after all, a lot younger then and my understanding of language has evolved, as all things do, over time.  The heavy use of dashes in this poem is a stylistic technique that I use consistently in my poetry.  I have also used ellipses, but I don't know if there is a difference, in my head, for the two.  I used it to break up the rhythm of the poem visually.  It is up to the reader, as with all writing, on their interpretation of the marks.

A "dyad" is, according to, a grouping of two.  In the case of this poem, I used the term to suggest the personal duality I felt at that time.  It is a poem of opposites and one that I really identified with at the time.  The concept of a "dyad" is a recurring theme in my early writing.  For those of you wondering...yes, my blog was named after this poem.

I am a creature born unto the night
Yet raised in the day.
A child of Darkness and of Light--
Without reason or way.

Twin in soul--One in body--
Logical and conceptual,
Sensible and insane--
Angry and alone.

I am the son Evil
And the daughter of Good.
Dancing amongst the graves,
Praying in the tombs--
Not sure what has, fearful of what will--

I have hated the light,
I have loved the dark.
Through peaceful thoughts I roam,
Alive in twisted madness.
To touch the Evil at the core--
To feel the Good beyond it.

And so I remain--
Eternally divided, tet always one.
Lost in Life--Found in Death.
A child of Darkness--
And of Light--
Without reason or way.

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