Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Writing Image Transitions

This is yet another class assignment. The assignment involved transitioning from summary images to detailed images. It was a fun assignment.


Sebastian shaded his eyes from the blinding sun as he stared across the beach. The blazing, white sand was littered with the dark corpses of the unfortunate ship. As he looked out to sea, Sebastian could see the tide bringing more remains to the shore. The cool breeze blowing from offshore brought the familiar scent of brine and seawater. With that familiar and comforting scent, was the smell of smoke and death.

Sebastian gritted his teeth, wiped his salt crusted eyes, and headed back down to the beach. The day had just begun and there was plenty of work to do. The salvage would be floating in for the next couple hours and he needed to gather as much as he could before the tide changed.

He picked his way across the littered beach. He stopped every so often to inspect a piece of wreckage or body, looking for anything of value. The bodies of the unfortunate crew, he drug into a pile. He carefully removed items of value, a belt here, a pair of shoes there. It was a gruesome task, but necessary. They had no need of it anymore. He on the other hand, needed as much as possible if he were to survive.

He worked as fast as he could to move as much of the wreckage up past the tide line, sorting as he went. By the end of the day, the once littered beach was cleared and the random jumble of debris was replaced with piles of wreckage. The middle of the beach was dominated by a large pyre. Sebastian rested under a tree and watched it burn as the sun set.

It had been a long day. Tomorrow would be just as long. Tools needed to be fashioned. His meager shelter needed to be reinforced to weather the storms that plagued the area. Food and adequate water were also a necessity. He didn’t know how long he would be stranded there.

He slowly rose from his perch, his body aching from the exertion. He saluted his former crew-mates and made the short trek to his shelter. The smell of burning permeated the air as he huddled under the shelter he had fashioned from a piece of sail and two trees. It wasn’t much, but it would keep the elements off of him for the night. He took a sparing drink from the water barrel that had saved his life, turned over, and let the exhaustion of the day pull him into sleep.

'Till next time