Tuesday, January 21, 2014

When the Words Don't Suck

As a writer, it's hard sometimes not to fall into the lie that all the words suck. I've seen it on a dozen or more posts. Hell, I've been feeling that way for a while. It usually starts around the middle of writing that first draft. And then of course, once you get the first draft done, you have to fight the "What the hell did I just write. OMG I SUCK!" feelings. Then you send it off to your CP's (critique partners) and Beta Readers and sit there biting your nails thinking that they will hate you for even sending them something so absolutely horrible. Then you get their notes back and you're like "OMG! THESE WORDS SUCK!"

Basically, the entire time you are either worried about it sucking or feeling like it sucks.

Which boils down to the reality that all authors are masochists and enjoy feeling bad about ourselves.

Ok, so not really, but it is hard to be positive when you create something out of a vacuum and then make it a living breathing thing that is both believable and entertaining.

Seriously, it's hard.

So when do the words stop sucking?

About the time you change how you think about the whole thing. About the time that you realize the whole thing is a process that won't be done in just one pass. That it is an imperfect thing created by an imperfect person and will never be perfect, but can still be amazing just the same. Some people will love it and some people will hate it and then some people will enjoy it. But no matter what, it won't be perfect. And that's ok.

So, if you want the words to stop sucking, YOU have to do it. Nobody else will do it for you.
Is it hard? Yes, changing your thought processes is very hard.
Can it be done? Yes, it can.
Can I have a cookie? Yes, you may.

So I'm writing this post for you and for me. I've been feeling down and like everything I'm writing sucks. It's an easy trap to fall into. It's also why I have been working on the same chapter since NaNo ended...52 days ago.

Fear and self-doubt kill creativity.

Did I mention that nobody can fix this but you?

So last, but not least, my #writemotivation goals.
  1. Try to write everyday. Err...um...yeah...skip that.
  2. Help with the #writemotivation site development Haven't done much lately. Trying to figure out the best way to present a bunch of links on writing, etc.
  3. Cheer on my tweeps Here and there when I haven't been distracted by XCOM
  4. Vlog or blog weekly Missed week one, but now back on track.
  5. Keep up with my reading as I have been devouring books lately. Beta read a couple things.
  6. Finish up my beta for Jessa Still need to do this. >.<

'Till Next Time


  1. *patpat* you can catch up! I know you can, or your name isn't Andrew! :P

  2. Inspiring words. I especially like "Fear and self-doubt kill creativity. Did I mention that nobody can fix this but you?"

    1. Thanks guys. :D *hugs you both*

    2. My OCD requires that I have an even number of comments on my blog. *twitch*

  3. The thing to remember is that among the words that suck are gems that can be focused on and expanded. Or maybe one part of the manuscript is really developed and you just have to bring the rest up to speed. Remember that YOU wrote those gems. YOU wrote that amazing section or came up with that amazing character. Then take your weaknesses and study how to improve. But above all, remember the good!

    1. Absolutely! :D I needed to remind myself of this, hence the post. It's easy to fall into that trap of everything is horrible and nobody will like it.

  4. I totally get the "writing sucking" thing - I'm stuck in the midst of a chapter that should be done, really should be done by now. I'm thinking of just moving onto the next chapter . . . hoping that it all makes sense anyway and that my proofreaders/beta readers will help me out of any muddles.
    Hope that Feb goes better for you!

    1. If you can do that, do it. Just put a note in there that says "HELP!" and move on. :D And thanks for stopping by. The words will stop sucking at some point, I promise.