Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Book Review: The Knights of Rilch by Rachel O'Laughlin

Today I get to review another book. I can't promise I'll be coherent or not provide anything spoilery. However, I will take a few minutes of your time and babble at your about this awesome book. Also, there's a giveaway.

But first some pictures.
Rachel O'Laughlin, Writer Extrodinaire
Rachel O’Laughlin grew up writing adventure stories in which heroines tend to get their hands dirty, bad guys sometimes win, and someone always gets kidnapped. Her passion for history morphed into a love for fantasy in her mid-teens, when she took a brief pause from reality for immersion in the arts and a hands-on education in sustainable living. She lives in New England with her husband and two boys, listens to The Fray, and drinks too many lattes. Two novels in her SERENGARD fantasy series have been released, and a third is scheduled for October 2014.

Author Website:

When Serengard rebelled and the Orion monarchy fell, former crown princess Kierstaz Orion’s love for her people became a burning desire to set things right. With a price on their heads, Kierstaz and her brother Mikel led a handful of men against the new army, fighting skirmishes all along the border of Dreibourge. But months of heavy bloodshed forced her small band of knights to abandon the border—and all of Serengard—to the rebels.

Nine years and a thousand betrayals later, Kierstaz and Mikel again find themselves on the run—only this time, they’ve a boy in tow: Malcom, the son of two of the Seren rebellion’s strongest leaders. The new regime wants him dead, Mikel wants him alive, and it’s all Kierstaz can do to keep their tracks covered. Desperate to preserve the innocent life she swore to protect and the brother who has always stood by her, Kierstaz must gamble the last thing in the world she owns: her identity. Secrets are a staple of the Orion family, and those Kierstaz keeps are as dangerous as the ones kept from her.

KNIGHTS OF RILCH is the sequel to COLDNESS OF MAREK, and the second book in the SERENGARD Series.

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And now for my review:
This book is action packed and full of beautifully flawed characters who all think what they are doing is right. Even when it isn't. Everyone's motives are suspect. Rachel continues the political intrigue/drama of the first as well as adding the sword and sorcery that everyone loves.

The story of Mikel and Trzl continue and we get more of Mikel's sister, Keirstaz. I loved Keirstaz. She's strong, fierce, but still human. Despite being female, and a princess, she's not above kicking some ass and leaving bleeding bodies behind. Mikel and Trzl's relationship is still seriously messy and it is hard to tell whether one of them will end up dead (but that's what makes it fun!).

Her world continues to grow and the various factions, etc. are clear and well defined.

The story is well paced and she continues the technique of present day followed by flashback and then finishing up in present day. It's not easy to make this work, but I think she executes it flawlessly.

And now for a little secret. I told Rachel I had something I was going to reveal here that I didn't anywhere else.

And here it is...

It is entirely possible to read Knights before Coldness without any confusion. Not only that, but you could, theoretically, not read Coldness and still understand Knights. I don't see this as a bad thing, but quite the opposite. Too often in this world of sequels, the stories are so dependent on each other that they could almost be one book. In this case, each one of Rachel's novels has a clear story line that can easily be separated from the other. This doesn't mean that the stories aren't interwoven, but at the same time, they can stand on their own as a singular novels.

So, I give it a random number of bloody swords and decapitated bodies for being awesome. And we'll call it a day.

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  1. o.0 I love the fact that a sequel doesn't rely on the first book in the story to understand the 2nd. <3 It's the reason I don't usually enter for a chance to win a 2nd or 3rd book in the series. And, Oh...that cover is gorgeous!

  2. I think I will be checking this book out! Also I gave you a Dragon's Loyalty Award

    1. Awesome! And NOOOOOOO! ;-) I'll have to check it out.