Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Cover Reveal : DRAWN TO YOU by Angi Black

Today I get to host the cover reveal for my dear friend, Angi. Angi is awesome, support, and wonderful. And now she's going to be a published author!!! And because she's so freaking fantabulous, I agreed to not only be a part of her cover reveal, I also decided to be a part of her street team!! Because, you know, she's awesome and I want to promote her stuff (and get the inside scoop on all the awesome). <--note the ulterior motive.

Anyway, here's the wonderful Angie
Angi Black is a dancer, a singer, a pirate, a poet. One of those is a lie. She writes New Adult and Adult and owns her own editing business, Wise Owl Words. She also teaches dance and theater all while baking treats and greening up the world around her. She loves music and donuts. She's Team Damon and her muse is Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Gene Kelley. Whedonite. Coffee. Ambassador of Awesome. Bourbon. Beatles. Zeppelin. Mraz. Queen of useless trivial knowledge. Betty White is her spirit animal. Her patronus is a chorus of back-up dancers singing Don't Rain on my Parade. Angi blogs at The Writer Diaries, All The Write Notes, and Indie Ignites. She even has a fancy website.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AngiNicole722

And now for the cover....

which is amazing.....

and gorgeous.....

Shy Ellie Baylor goes away to college in an attempt to escape her overbearing and zealously religious parents. In between dodging their daily phone call and lugging her oversized art portfolio across campus, she manages to be happy, mostly by avoiding any kind of social interaction. Then she meets River Daniels, the hot guy she's secretly been ogling in her art classes.

River is understanding and sexy, and their connection quickly grows.  However, a lifetime of listening to her parents has left Ellie uncertain not only about herself, but her relationship with River. Their blatant disapproval of River and her choices leave Ellie with the hardest choice she's ever faced- her parents' approval or the love of her life. 

But can Ellie lose either and still learn to live?

DRAWN TO YOU comes out August 19th anywhere and everywhere ebooks are sold.

'Til next time

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