Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Gust Post: LS Murphy On Publishing and Rejection

So today, I have the pleasure of giving you an inspiration post by L.S. Murphy.

Her debut novel, REAPER, came out back in 2013. However, that doesn't mean she didn't wade through her share of rejection getting there.

So, without further ado, I give you L.S. in her own words and gifs...because who doesn't love gifs?

Publishing is hard. I know, duh, right?

When I first set out on this journey for the second time (the first is a long story involving really bad poetry), I wasn’t about to let rejection defeat me. I knew I’d see lots of “No, but thanks” from agents and editors. So I bucked up and prepared for the worst.

Just so you know, you can never prepare for the worst enough.

I got so many rejections I could’ve wallpapered my house with them. TWICE. That includes the floors and ceiling.

But I didn’t give up. And that’s my point.

Oh, I’m sure everyone has heard that before. But it’s definitely easier said than done.

My debut novel, REAPER, (the one with wallpapering ability) found a home at J. Taylor Publishing and released in 2013. It eventually earned Honorable Mention in the YA category of the Eric Hoffer Awards. The yes by J. Taylor erased all the pain of rejection.

Honestly, I was ready to give up and shelve the novel because I had another one ready to query.
While I worked on editing REAPER, I queried my next novel and wrote another one. My second novel eventually heard yes after another bought of rejections, only this time from an agent. And guess what? It hasn’t sold.

But I had another book, PIXELATED, ready for the agent. It will be released in February 2015 through Bloomsbury Spark. While it was on submission, I wrote another book that is currently on submission. And another one that I recently sent to the awesome agent.

Will those two sell? I don’t know. All I do know is I want to keep writing. Which means I’m going to hear a lot of “No, but thanks,” along the way. I’ll allow myself a five minute pity party then move on.
Rejections suck. Publishing is hard. But if this is what you want, then do it.

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