Monday, March 4, 2013

March #writemotivation Post Number 1

So, it's the first Monday of March.

Yeah. Monday.


Ok, enough angsty stuff. On to the less angsty stuff.

Yeah, I'm talking #writemotivation. I slacked on this a couple months ago, but I'm back with more tacky things to toss at my friends as they fight through the mess of words in their heads in an attempt to make them into a coherent story.

Or is that just how I view it?

Since this is my first post of the month, I'll list my goals. This months goals are significantly different than previous months. The difference being, I finished my first draft. So, the number of words I'm writing is not as important as my progress with revisions.

Yup. The dreaded revisions.

Leading scientists believe this is the leading cause of head explosions.

Or maybe that's just something that happens in cheesy scifi/horror movies.

But enough of that.

  1. Do revisions on HJ
  2. Submit HJ to #PitchMadness (end of March)
  3. Cheer on my #writemotivation tweeps
  4. Blog at least once a week.
Yup. That's right. HJ will be submitted to #PitchMaddness. What's PitchMadness?

Glad you asked.

This is PitchMadness. It's the brain-child of the epically awesome Brenda Drake. Click on the link for info. If you want to join, do it, but make sure your ready for submission because if an agent likes your stuff you'll need to have it ready to go.

'Till Next Time


  1. o.0 So awesome you're going to submit to #Pitchmadness! Good luck, hugs, and if you want, I'll send Ninja Dino over to those running the contest for a hem...hint :D

    1. Ooo! I might take you up on that dino. ;-)

  2. woohoo! ready for the pitch are we? excellente! those contests are always (nerve-wracking) fun! you can do it!

    1. I'm pretty excited about it. Just need to polish up the query and write a log line (and do revisions!)

  3. I've been eyeing #pitchmadness, but we'll see. If I'm not ready for this next round (which I highly doubt), I'll maybe do the next one after it, whenever it comes around.

    Good luck!

    1. I think it is at least an annual thing. Although, she has other contests like it throughout the year. You've got a really good story, but I understand if you want to wait. :D

  4. Ah, revisions. :-) I have the faith that you can get it ready! And I've got a lot of cookies to cheer you on with.

    And they have sprinkles. Dinosaur sprinkles. Space dinosaur sprinkles.

    I debated doing #PitchMadness, but I think I want to wait. If I remember correctly, there was another version in September last year, so maybe I'll be on board for that round. :-D

    *waves the shiny revision pompoms* Go Andrew! You can do it!

    1. LOL. :D Thanks. If I can keep from getting distracted by the shiny computer games, I should be fine. :D

  5. Revisions are always the toughest for me. Good luck with HJ in Pitch Madness that sounds like such a cool way to get an agent.

    1. Thanks! I think that's how KT got her agent. We'll see. If not, I can always try again after a few more revisions.