Friday, June 7, 2013

Blog Tour: UPRISING by Jessica Therrien Author Interview

For those of you who've been following my blog for a while, you'll recognize the name Jessica Therrien. I've done cover reveals for both of her novels (and I hope to do more). Not only is she an awesome writer, she's wonderful person too.

Today, is a special treat. I got to do an interview. Jessica, in her not so copious free time as a writer/mom/wife, was able to answer all of my questions. Seriously, she's awesome.

So, without further goofiness from me, I give you Jessica Therrien (who's last name I have yet to spell correctly the first time...sorry Jessica!!!).

Author Links:

Links to Oppression (Children of the Gods #1):

Links to Uprising (Children of the Gods #2):

Q: A lot of author's point to one book as being THE book that inspired them. What book inspired you to become a writer?

A: Oddly enough it was the absence of THE book. I was looking for the next hot YA novel after burning through the genre. I couldn’t find it…so I decided to write it.
Many books have inspired my writing, though. There are too many to list.

Q: There are a lot of stories involving gods and mythology out there. What sets yours apart from the others?

A: Most books involving Greek mythology are about the gods as they are known in the myths. My books are based on the premise that the Greek gods were never really gods at all. The characters in my books call themselves Descendants. They live 500 years and have supernatural abilities. When their ancestors exposed their race in ancient Greece, they were mistaken for gods.

Q: Can you tell us about your first concept of Ellie? What was she like? Was she as we see her now or different?

A: She was much different. Originally she had light hair and looked nothing like me. If you look at the cover and then look at my author photo you’ll notice some similarities :D I realized later that I had based the character on myself, and I changed her appearance to match mine. She’s always been a little piece of me.

Q: Who's your favorite character to write in this series and why?

A: My favorite character to write in Oppression was Kara. In Uprising it was Alex. Of course they ended up being two fan favorites as well. Both Elyse & William were fun to write too, but something about them was/is complex and challenging. Kara and Alex were easy and fun. They told me what to do.

Q: How many novels do you plan for this series? Any characters demanding a spinoff?

A: Gosh. I’d love to write a spinoff for Kara & Alex. I hadn’t thought of it until you asked! Good idea! I’m not sure how many novels there will be. Right now I’m planning on three for sure. I’m considering a 4th…maybe a spinoff ;)

Q: Anything else you'd like to share about you or your writing? Any new story ideas tickling your brain?

A: I write slowly, so I have no idea when I’ll be releasing something after this series, but I am excited to start something new. My next book will be a standalone novel for sure. Writing a series is very demanding. I have a ton of ideas…but they are top secret, lol!

Q: Describe a day in the life of Jessica Therrien. You know, just because.

A: This is a lot more boring than you are giving me credit for, haha!
6am-Wake up. Feed baby. Change baby. Play with baby. Put baby to sleep. Clean house. Write. Repeat.
(Note: nowhere in there does it say “get out of pajamas”)

So there you have it. Jessica in her own words. Hope you enjoyed the interview and check out her books (links above). They're worth it.

'Till Next Time.