Sunday, March 11, 2012

Poetic Forms and #writemotivation update

This week is spring break, so I won't be attending class.  It's funny, but when I was in college the first time, I couldn't wait for spring break.  Now that I am in this creative writing class, I can't wait for spring break to get over. Partially, I want to see my teacher's comments on one of my assignments.  If they are good, which I expect them to be (he's liked most of what I have done so far), I plan on using it as a basis for my final short story project.  I'm also partially wanting to get back to class.  Its been fun and I want to take more classes like this.

One of the assignments that I need to get done before the next class is to create my own form (poetic or prose).  From what he showed us from last year, they can get pretty crazy.  There were all theoretically possible to do.  I've got a couple weird ones that I am probably going to turn in...and yes, I will share them

Piece of Pie Form (Poetic form)

  1. The poem must be 6 lines long
  2. Must be in this form:
    • 1st line: 3 words
    • 2nd line: 1 word
    • 3rd line: 4 words
    • 4th line: 1 word
    • 5th line: 5 words
    • 6th line: 9 words
  3. There can be no repeated rhythms, phrases, or rhyming.
  4. Optional challenge: Don't repeat a word in consecutive lines

Towel Form (Poetic form)
  1. Poem must be 42 lines long
  2. First line must be 4 words, 2nd line: 2 words.  Alternate the 4 words/2 words pattern until the end
  3. The last 3 words of the poem must be "Infinity Improbability Drive"
  4. The poem cannot make reference to any book by Douglas Adams (excepting the last 3 words)
  5. Optional challenge: Every 4 word line must rhyme, Every 2 word line must rhyme
  6. Optional challenge: Include the word "towel" 4 times and the word "mice" 2 times
  7. Improbable Challenge: Multiply 9 x 6
Ok, #7 is a joke, but I had to add it.  These should be possible to write.  I will have some poems written in this form by the time classes resume (I hope!).

Now on to my #writemotivation update:
  1. Finish ch. 4 and start ch. 5: Um, yeah. I'm up to ch. 8 now (need to revise my goal!)
  2. Blog at least once a week: Yup!
  3. Write 30 minutes every day: Done (and then some!). There were a couple days where I wasn't actually typing, but I did get some stuff plotted out and figured for WIP#1
  4. Cheer on everyone else: Definitely! It's one of my favorite things!
  5. Not get distracted by WIP#2: He's still lurking in there, but he's been really quiet so far. I think he's decided to be a good boy for the time being.
'Till next time!


  1. Hey, congrats on getting up to chapter 8, it feels so awesome when you pull ahead of a goal!

  2. Congratulations. I still have one I need to work on.

  3. Creating your own form is pretty interesting! Makes you really think about existing forms and what your own style could potentially be. That's a really cool assignment.

    Also, well done for all the work you've achieved on your goals thus far!

    1. Thanks! I still want to see if I can write one of these before class. I think it will be interesting.

  4. I'm so proud of you hon! And how did I miss this post... odd. Of course my brain has been rather sieve like lately.

    Love your form of poetry, and I'm really proud of your accomplishments in March. We'll be here to cheer you on in April too :D

    1. You have been distracted lately, KT. Hello? Pitch Madness? Anyway, thanks for all the #writemotivation. It's helped. I owe you a drink on the 14th (if you are going to be there).