Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Zombie Sestina

I don't like sestinas. I honestly don't like them. It's not that they are bad, I'm just not a big fan of them. I don't like reading them and I'm not a huge fan at writing them either. However, I had to write one for class. So I started thinking. I needed a theme, something to focus on. I was floundering, then I saw this post by the lovely, and talented, Natalie Parker. Suddenly, I had an awesome, evil, zombie idea. So, Natalie, this one is for you.

Zombie Sestina

The government wants to hide the fact there are zombies.
Did you know that they eat brains?
It starts as a virus.
And it infects your blood.
The best way to kill them is to use a gun.
If you’re out of ammo, you should be running.

If you are out running,
You better watch out for zombies.
They’ll be gun-
ing for you because they like brains.
They can also smell warm blood.
If they scratch you, you’ll get the virus.

If you see someone infected with the virus
Your best bet is to start running--
They’ll soon be out for your blood,
Trying to turn everyone into zombies
That want to eat your brains
Hope you didn’t lose your gun!

You have to know where to aim your gun
The virus
Lives in their brains
It keeps their bodies running,
Turning the dead into zombies
Who love the taste of blood.

Did you know there is no blood
When you shoot them with a gun?
I mean the zombies!
Did you know the military developed the virus?
So stop running
And blow out their brains!

I told you about their brains
Right? That there is no blood?
We need to find a safe-house so we can stop running,
Maybe find some ammo for your gun.
Stupid virus!
Damn zombies!

The zombie’s brains hold the virus that infects your blood. Grab your gun and start running.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Josh! I honestly didn't think it was that good when I wrote it, but my teacher really liked it.

  2. MMMMmmmmmmm mean braaaaaiiiinnnnsssss