Sunday, April 1, 2012

Poetic Form Examples

In a previous post, I defined 2 poetic forms of geeky inspiration. I created them for my creative writing class. Unfortunately, I was too obsessed with writing WIP#1 to actually write down examples. My teacher even commented on that fact, so I decided to make up for my failings and write the examples.

Here is the first one.

Icarus (Piece of Pie Form)
How would you
The sun from the sky?
Burning orb searing my flesh
Falling from grace to shatter against stones and earth.

The second one was significantly harder. I will admit that I cheated, however I did get all of the requirements in. I will explain why I stayed true to the form and at the same time, cheated.

Dreaming the Impossible (Towel Form)

If I could fly
Through space,
Fleeing the confining sky.
Keeping pace
Fleeing suns on high.
They race
Breasts swelling with pride.
Their faces
Red from keeping stride.
They grace
Us before they die.
Streaming displaced
Atoms they scream by.
We retrace,
As we vainly try,
To replace
The silent night denied
We embrace
Those things we deny
Icons defaced
Ne’er asking us why.
Scenarios our final goodbye.
Lives erased
With a final sigh.
The birthplace
Of wishes we rely.
Souls interlaced
In the arena vie
Keeping apace
Of Hell’s reach imply
That anyplace
Be a willing ally.
Death commonplace
While others do standby
Hateful menace
In their wicked eyes.
Flee hyperspace
And other words scifi
Don’t misplace
The Infinite Improbability Drive
9 x 6 = 42

There are 42 lines.  I know, I counted them.  However, I also cheated.  The last words were supposed to be "Infinite Improbability Drive", and they are.  Unfortunately, they way I wrote it, I only had 41 lines. So, I cheated. 9 x 6 = 42 is an equation, it is not technically text.  So, not only did I write the poem, but I also completed all optional and improbable challenges.

You could argue with me, but you would be wrong. :-p

'Till next time.


  1. Frankly, I think you did fantastically. And 42? Like only the best number ever. What more perfect way could there be to complete the poem :D

    Well done hon!

    1. Yeah, it was hard, but I managed to do it. It seriously melted my brain. And yes, 42 is the most awesome number in existence.

  2. they're fab - both of them! and 42, well 42 is only my, like, favourite number!x

    1. Thanks, Scarlett! :D They were fun to write.