Monday, April 9, 2012

Plodding Plots

Yesterday, my father-in-law loaned me the book "Plot and Structure" by Jason Scott Bell. I've read part of it on my Kindle and it seems interesting. Plot and structure are important to any story, or poem.  It gives the writer direction and keeps them from getting lost in the prose. Despite its importance, how you do your plotting, is another thing.

I know some people who spend a long time plotting everything to the point that they just have to fill in a few words and they are done. For them, it works. It's structured, it's clean, and they can quickly write out scene upon scene and finish very quickly (in a sense). The work they do on the front half, reduces the work they do on the back half.

Then there are people like me, sometimes called "seat of your pantsers", or "pantser" for short. Now, I'm not a complete pantser as I actually do preplan a little before writing a chapter. I also have a pretty good idea of where my story is going. A true pantser just writes, and writes, and writes, and lets the plot set itself.

Either way you do it, there will always be the need for editing and revision. Nobody is perfect.

I've also decided that I'm somewhat boring with my blog so here is an obligatory random image from:  It looked cool. No other reason. :D

'Till next time.


  1. I've heard about that book! I kinda want to read it. But I just seem to get stuck half way through books that "talk about the craft" I haven't even finished Stephen King's On Writing yet. And I've only barely dented Ray Bradberry's The Zen of Writing. :/ Maybe one day! Maybe...

    1. I have the Stephen King book, but haven't read it yet. Reading books on writing can be helpful, but writing is more-so.