Saturday, April 13, 2013

Decisions and Being Thankful

This post is brought to you by the amazing Claire Legrand and the letter U for unicorn.

I've been following Claire on twitter for some time and her posts are always some of my favorites. If you haven't met her or know of her, get yourself to a bookstore and look her up. Or better yet, here's a link! Seriously, she's awesome and I want to read all her words. *looks embarrassed* I just haven't yet...sorry Claire! Anyway, Claire does a #365Thankful tweet everyday to help her focus on the good things in life.

So, here's mine for today. I am thankful for everything that has been happening in my life. I am thankful that I have the support of friends and family in this tumultuous world.

So to make up for my lack of reading her excellent words, I will give her a unicorn instead. Because Unicorns make Claire happy.

So, for those of you who know me on twitter or FB, you'll have heard the news that I got a pass on Hate Jacket from the Agent who asked for it through Brenda Drake's PitMad twitter party.

Anyway, I'm not mad, I'm grateful. The agent gave me some amazing feedback. She did like the story, but to her it was too commercial and suggested that if I try for a more literary feel, that she felt it would be more likely to sell. What this means is that Hate Jacket is a good story, but to the agent it moved to quickly to delve into the issues it was presenting.

At first I was very upset. Hate Jacket got a pass and the agent who passed on it is really good, but then I started talking to people about it. Family, Facebook, and Twitter all responded with support and encouragement. As well as some differing opinions.

Despite their opinions, everyone said the same thing "Keep Writing" "Don't Give Up".

So now I have options and in the world of publishing, this is a good thing.

Option 1: Keep Hate Jacket the way it is and find an agent who thinks they can sell it. The story is good, that much I know. The question is: Will it sell as is?

Option 2: Take the passing agent's advice and make it more literary and see what happens.

Both options are very doable. I know I can do either and find a home for Hate Jacket.

This isn't the end. It's not even the beginning. Were this road leads is where I chose. And that, my friends, is an AWSOME feeling.

Also, Unicorns are badass. You can argue with me, but you'd be wrong.

'Till Next Time


  1. Bear in mind, it's soooo subjective. Authors get conflicting feedback from agents/editors all the time. I'm of the mindset to never take ONLY one person's advice, unless it also resonates with what I was already thinking.

    1. Yes it is. Just asked a question in askagent on twitter and got a different response. :D

  2. Leighcaroline speaks the truth. It's all subjective, and what one person finds not literary enough, another person might adore with all their heart.

    You are doing a great job. Keep it up!

    And yes, unicorns ARE badass. :-)

  3. I am sorry you got a pass but it sounds like an encouraging pass! Which may be little comfort I know. Take your time to think about it I'd say. But keep on with it! You'll find it a home xx

    1. Thanks! I'm actually ok with the pass. I was sad and disappointed last night, but now not so much. I have a lot to think about now.

  4. Maybe it doesn't need to be literary, maybe it just needs to delve into the issues a bit more, and be more personal. (I say this not having read Hate Jacket at all, of course.)

    I can understand your hesitancy to revise the whole thing. A change like that is a *major* undertaking, and if an agent handed Catalyst back to me with the advice to make it more literary (especially since it deals with some intense subjects, as well), I would be like "How the f*** do I do that? I don't write literary fiction. I write fantasy."

    Ultimately, make the best decision you can for you. You can always query a few more agents and wait for their feedback before making your decision. :)

    1. I was considering doing just that. I'm going to go through and make sure it's super clean and smooth and then send it out again.

  5. What more can I say that has already been said?

    wonder if I should try this #365thankful tweets. I've been trying to be more positive myself, to get me through the darkness. I have to find the smallest of them but sometimes so hard! I tried writing them in a notebook, but that got lost to the wayside. Some days I don't know what to write. Maybe a tweet would be easier since I have my phone with me all the time. At least my blog this month is full of positive post-its :-)

    So with that being said, have some dino delivered caffeinated cookies! ♥

    1. <3 :D

      It might actually be #365thanks. You'd have to ask Claire. Basically, you pick one thing, or more, that you are thankful for that day. Power of positive thinking. :D