Monday, May 27, 2013

May 2013 #writemotivation Wrap Up

So last week I didn't have a #writemotivation post. Instead I had a cover reveal and another post were I talked about fighting my Muse.

Here is the last post for May with my goals for June's writemotivation

  1. Submit HJ to at least 10 agents Put on hold for the time being.
  2. Do Revisions to HJ for something awesome (details later) Finished and off to my Mentor Agent. And now I wait for her to get back to me.
  3. Attend RT2013 DONE!!! HAD AN AMAZING TIME!!!!
  4. Do more world building and write a couple chapters on new shiny MS Did not happen, see this post.
  5. Blog at least once a week. Yes. Although last week I didn't have a writemotivation update
  6. Cheer on my #writemotivation buds! Kind of a fail this month. I'll try to do better next month.

And now for June's goals (going from memory as KT hasn't posted the new goal list:
  1. Write a chapter a week on new new MS, titled Snapshot.
  2. Blog at least once a week.
  3. Cheer on my #writemotivation buds!

That's all I've got so far. Hope you all have an awesome week.

And now for a cute gif of a baby hamster eating some broccoli. Because reasons.

'Till Next Time


  1. Looks like you did all right for May. Some goals are better than none. Hey, I have a book called Snapshots! The fact that yours is going to be title Snapshot makes me grin. It's like they're twins... or something. lol

    1. LOL. :D Mine's a YA contemp about a girl who takes an less than appropriate photo that her jerk BF posts to the internet. :D

  2. Awesome job on your goals! Even if you didn't get them all done, you TRIED. *hugs* Can't wait to see where HJ is going to go!

    1. *hugs* :D Thanks. I'm really excited too. I'm trying not to chew my nails while I wait. :D

  3. so hard to wait, isn't it? keep up the good work and fuzzy gifs.

    1. YES IT IS! :D And fuzzy gifs make everything better. :D