Monday, September 24, 2012

September #writemotivation update part 4!

There is only one week left in September! Wow, can't believe how fast this month is going. This is a short post today as I'm working on a couple bigger post ideas for later in the week.

One of the posts is a vlog as part of Victoria Schwab's history vlog series on histories. She's doing this on her blog as part of a lead up to the Archived release in four months. She posted a video talking about it here.

The other post I'm working on involves alternative computer input setups. This came to light when one of the people I followed was reduced to using only one hand for the next few months. Scary for a writer, and she was scared. She and I talked about various alternates to keyboard entry and I'm working on getting a post about it formulated. I will hopefully have that done before the end of the month.

Ok, now for the #writemotivation update:

  1. Write 15K more on HJ I'm just under 26K total, which means that I have a little over 4K left to write this month to make my goal.
  2. Blog once a week I'm up to 10 posts this month, so yeah, got it.
  3. Try and squeeze in some fun reading in there (non-beta/crit stuff). Not sure how that will pan out though! I'm about half way done with Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater. If you haven't read it, it's awesome.
  4. Read slush pile for Niteblade (a little behind on this one) I've been doing this off and on all month. Need to read some more.
  5. Cheer on my #writemotivation peeps! Always! :D

Random pic:

How's your month been going?

One last thing. I entered a blog hop challenge (yes, I'm sure you're tired of hearing about it). Anyway, I wrote a flash fiction story and it needs votes! Click on the link and vote!

'Till next time!


  1. Yay! I'm the first comment. I don't know why that still thrills me. Wasn't that cool back in the nineties? Anywho, love the ninja turtle. He fills me with hope for the future... You are still kicking butt on this book. Honestly, it's a bit intimidating. Can't you please slack off and procrastinate so the rest of us don't look so bad? Thanks... :)

    Unrelated note: have some flaming donuts. I ran out of cookies, but I made homemade donuts. And I promise the flames are just for show, and not because I overcooked them. (Now you get to guess whether that was sarcasm or serious.)

    1. LOL! I did slack off a little bit! I can't help that Julius is such a loud-mouthed individual!

      Donut Flambé! Yummy! ;-D

      I know you burnt the donuts!

  2. Whoot! Keep it up! (And really, you're just now reading Shiver? You're lucky, you don't have the long wait to get to Forever!! The wait between books on that series was TORTURE!)

    1. Yup. Just now reading it. And it was good that I waited because I got all THREE books signed by Maggie. :D

  3. Sounds like your goals are going great guns! GO you!

    1. Wow! 10 points for the G alliteration! :D

      Thanks! :D

  4. How awesome, Andrew!! And you have more cajones than I could ever muster to get a vlog out there! I have a hard enough time talking to voicemail/answering machines! LOL

    Glad to see progress! That is always awesome...which reminds me, I need to get back to making some on mine! Since I've stopped counting....I've been so excited to write. And now that I've met that major milestone! WOW! Amazing and excited! Gonna get this thing DONE!!

    1. A vlog is a little different, but somethings come across better visually than through written words.

      I'm so happy that you are getting excited about writing! I've been really excited about it lately too, which is why I've been writing more.

      And yes, YOU WILL GET THIS THING DONE! I have said it, therefore it shall be done...or I'll chuck dino ninja pompoms at you.

  5. Oh, I LOVED Shiver! Maggie's such a great writer, and that is one of my favorite series of the past few years.

    And you are awesome at cheering others on! You can make 4k easy peasy :)

    1. Thanks, Rebecca! I love cheering other people on. It's just the way I am. Celebrating other people's success keeps me from being jealous. For me, jealousy is a mind killer and ultimately useless. I spent a lot of my life being jealous of other people and I never noticed all the things I could do.

      Anyway, if I don't make it, I know I'll be close with the word count. I've got the entire book plotted, just need to write.