Monday, September 10, 2012

September #writemotivation update part duex

Ok. Just a brief note for September updates. This month is going well. I'm making progress. Just finished a Word Race with several of my #writemotivation friends. It was 3 days (I think!) where we just tracked our writing counts (for those who count words). It was fun, but I didn't write as much as I planned. I did get about 1K written on Saturday when I did a #wordwar for an hour with some other twitter folks. For those who don't know, Word Race, Word War, and Word Sprints (#wordsprints) are all the same, except for duration and hashtag. :D Basically, they are just a way to challenge yourself (much like #writemotivation). You write, you tweet the totals, everybody cheers. :D

Update time!

  1. Write 15K more on HJ I've written over 4K so far (will be more by the end of Sunday)
  2. Blog once a week Yup! Doing well. I've actually done more than two a week, so that's all good.
  3. Try and squeeze in some fun reading in there (non-beta/crit stuff). Not sure how that will pan out though! Last week I read "The Sin Collector" by Jessica Fortunato. It was a fun story and I plan on reading the second. It's a quick read, so it's great for a busy person.
  4. Read slush pile for Niteblade (a little behind on this one)Went through about 5+ stories in the slush last week, so I'm making progress.
  5. Cheer on my #writemotivation peeps! Always! :D

How is your month going so far?

Random pic of a bug and my very dead yard

'Till next time. :D


  1. Katydid!

    So glad to see you've made progress! YAY! Congrats. The Word Race was pretty decent for me, until I hit the weekend! :)

    Maybe we can do this again, during the week...

    1. You wrote words, that's progress. :D Yes, it helps to have something like that. I need to do more word sprints too.

  2. Wow, nice work on the 4k. You can easily get that 15k done this month.
    Slushpile reading must be fun, or is it tedious?

    1. Thanks! :D I hope to. We'll see. I should get close either way.

      It's actually pretty interesting, but some of the stories are not up to par, so those aren't as fun to read.

  3. You're doing so awesome on your goals. Rock on! And I'd say especially #5. Thanks for being so encouraging!

  4. i totally forgot to post anything about the word race. such a slacker. i was a late joiner anyway. i limped over the finish line on that one. you are wailing on those goals! rock on!