Monday, September 17, 2012

September #writemotivation update pt. 3

So, we're already at the halfway point for the month, just two full weeks and one day before October. This month is going well. I've made it past my brain block on HJ and am barreling ahead with writing. The story is really shaping up to be a gut-wrenching page turner (or at least, that's my hope!). If what I'm going through to write is any indication and the feedback from Beta's it could turn into something awesome. This is my hope. If it doesn't, I will cry and wail and fall weeping to the floor. Seriously, if it doesn't fly, I'll keep pounding at it until I get it right. This story MEANS something. I'm having feelings about this story that I've never felt before. Of course, I could just be going crazy(er).

So enough about me. Let's talk about me.

  1. Write 15K more on HJ I've added 8K so far and am on track to make my goal.
  2. Blog once a week Between cover reveals (which I love doing) and evil pixies (which are evil), I've been putting out a post every couple days. Doubt this will continue, but you never know.
  3. Try and squeeze in some fun reading in there (non-beta/crit stuff). Not sure how that will pan out though! I haven't read anything new this week, but I've been focused on writing. I have a bunch of awesome books sitting in my pile and two more just ordered. I think I need an intervention.
  4. Read slush pile for Niteblade (a little behind on this one) Read several on Sunday. Even found a couple that I liked. I could tell you about them, but then I would get in trouble. Needless to say, they were pretty cool.
  5. Cheer on my #writemotivation peeps! Always! :D

Here's a random pic:
Nathan's first plane ride. Cessna Skylark. He loved it.
'Till Next Time.


  1. Replies
    1. Yup. I do have to write up some of the info depending on how much they give me. Besides, some of the covers are freaking awesome. :D

  2. Wait, evil pixies are evil?!? Since when and why was I not informed! I just put a bunch of those little buggers in charge of my WIP ... ARRGH!

    Seriously, Keep Rocking - you are doing amazing


    1. The pixies that I'm talking about are. You'll learn about them on Wednesday's blog post (which is there fault!).

      And thanks. I'm trying to not go crazy(er) than I am. :D

  3. You are still kicking butt on your goals, though, so you are awesome!! Adding 8k means your are rocking it!!

    *tosses cookies*

  4. Glad you're on track. And you've been kicking butt lately in the writing department. I feel way behind. :)

    1. You'll get there. Remember, hubs usurped the computer for the weekend, so you have an excuse. :D

  5. I love it when the writing flows... opposed to chokes and gags alone.

    Thank you for displaying a Perez 4 Prez campaign button! That's just awesome. Super awesome!

    Write on!


    1. Hey thanks for stopping by! :D Yes, I'm proudly displaying the Perez 4 Prez button. :D

      And thank you for the writing support. :D

  6. Oh my gosh, brave boy!! I didn't fly until I was 19, and that was a big commercial jet. I don't like any planes, but when I do fly, the bigger the better. I can pretend I'm in a big they sky. Instead of a metal tube (shudder).

    Rock on with your goals!

    1. He had such an awesome time. He's not scared of anything except bathroom fans...not sure why... :D

      And thanks.